If you would like a free copy of Pastor Aden’s book called Open Air Fire just send us an email. It teaches the principals of sharing the faith and open air preaching.

Here is what a few Christian leaders said about it.

The saying, “You won’t appreciate an answer until you understand the depth of the problem,” applies beautifully to Aden’s valuable book on
evangelism. Unless people understand that they are sinners lost without a hope in this world, they won’t fully appreciate the Cross of Christ and His love for them. Aden presents practical advice and teaching on soul winning and making disciples, the responsibility of every born-again believer. Knowing Aden personally, I have seen his passion and drive to reach the lost. I highly recommend this resource for every Christian and I pray that the Lord of the Harvest will continue to send more laborers into His harvest.

Nicky Cruz Author / Evangelist

Would you like really like to delight the heart of God in a way nothing else can? Then read this book and “go and do likewise.” Heaven erupts in joy over one sinner that repents; but how can they hear without a preacher? Perhaps you are that man or woman that God would use to change a life as you witness for Him. Study this book and it will instruct you how to begin. Then go, and make God and heaven happy!

David Ravenhill Author, Itinerant Teacher.

Aden is the real deal. He’s a real man of the Word. He’s a real lover of Jesus. And he’s a real Soulwinner! If more followers of Jesus had the zeal for God and the sincere love for people that Aden has, our world would be a lot closer to being saved! Aden’s words come out of experience, in the trenches, doing all he can to rescue souls from Hell and for Heaven. Reading this book will ignite a fire in you for the lost and, just as importantly, will show you how to put that fire into practical action.

Dr. Kevin Wagner, D.Min. International Evangelist, Wagner Ministries International